BOW celebrates musical freedom.

Since its creation, BOW works on a personal and modern string quintet approach. Juggling between their own written music and pure improvisation, the five musicians dig into their instruments’ capabilities and blend their large scope of influences.

BOW is releasing this fall 2019 ​a radio live session on Icarus Records (Icarus Tapes – limited cassette edition and digital). Its debut eponym LP is due to be released in Mai 2020 on label Sub Rosa​.​

Over the years, BOW worked with artists such as jazz singer Melanie De Biaso, Composer Laurent Plumhans, Vj Dirty Monitor, Théâtre de l’Ancre and more recently with gypsy guitarist Myrddin De Cauter as well as Aidan Baker.

BOW is an ensemble made up of the musicians Margaret Hermant (Echo Collective) and Benoit Leseure on Violin, Jean-François Durdu on Viola, Marine Horbaczewski on Cello and Cyrille de Haes (Otto Lindholm) on Double Bass










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